LUMITECO is a sub-brand of Suzhou BECO Instruments CO,LTD limited company
    LUMITECO is one of the leading measurement instruments supplier of high quality,competitively priced tire gauge,tire inflator gauge pressure gauges, temperature gauges,and those pressure and temperature measurement instruments. 
    LUMITECO.CN’s products offering include tire preesure gauge,tire inflator gauge,digital tire inflator,bourdon tube type pressure gauges, diaphragm capsule pressure gauges (For micro pressure situation ). With internal parts made of stainless steel,brass/bronze, stainless iron. Pressure gauges’dimension range from 1 inch to 8 inch. Other products include bimetallic thermometers from 2.5 inch to 6 inch in dimension as well as thermowells, pressure transmitter.
    LUMITECO are young, energetic, optimistic and friendly, totally committed to meet everyone requirement from our clients. We promise that every inquiry would be replied within 24 hours. Also senior engineer waiting here to solve all your confusion of our instrument.
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