• Auto Car Audio Sound Deadening Application Rolling Wheel Rol

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    LUMITECO Auto Car Audio Sound Deadening Application Rolling Wheel Roller,Heat Abatement Mat Wallpaper PU Deadener Application Seam Roller

    • This seam roller is constructed by durable polyurethane(PU) roller held to a wooden handle with a riveted steel roller bracket.
    • The PU material is hard but also with little softer, most suitable for auto deadening mats and heat abatement mats application. Also could be used for wallpaper application.
    • Minimizes air bubbles and gets the best adhesion of deadening mats, make sure the best comfort in your car, van, truck or any other vehicles.
    • This deadener roller is perfect for projects big or small, could be used on any brand of adhesive matting.
    • Size:1.6" x 1.4"(Width*Diameter) Roller, 7.2" Total Length.

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