• 60mm dial tire inflator pressure gauge

    Price:45USD Promotion price:36USD Brand:LUMITECO Units:PCS Register Date:18-05-12 16:37 Popularity:

    60mm tire air inflator gauge with rubber hose.
    Gauge:plastic housing,arcylic widow,Chrome plated and
    brass connector,brass internals.
    1/4" F-NPT inlet connetor.
    End Optional:Heavy duty zinc alloy dual foot chuck.
           Rubber hose with clipping chuck.
           Heavy duty extended length zinc alloy dual foot chuck.
    Range:0-16Bar,Psi,kg/cm²,Kpa are all available.
    Accuracy:2.0%,ANSI B40.1 Grade B
    Application for family car, truck ,ebike,bike and some other tire


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